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Menu mobile enhancements



Mobile App Enhancements

We update our Apple and Android mobile apps from time to time. These updates include enhancements that benefit the users. The details of our current enhancements are listed below:

Touch ID
For Apple iPhones and iPads that support the Touch ID feature.

Users must have Touch ID enabled on their device to use this feature.
The app will prompt user when they open the app. User can select ‘Enable’ or ‘Not Now’
Once enabled, you will login in with just your finger print.

 Tough ID

Remember Me

Remember MeThis feature retains the user ID for faster login. All but the first three characters of the user ID are obfuscated.

– User ID: wildcats2016
– Remember Me output: wil*********

Once this feature is enabled by the user, logging in only requires entry of the password. Passwords are never stored or retained. If the user disables Remember Me on their app, the feature will remain in place to activate again at a later date.







Statement Viewing
Allows users to view statements in the mobile app.

In the menu, select ‘Statements’, select account, then select month you would like to view.

Statement Viewing


Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) Self Registration
Allows user to register for mobile deposit.

In the menu list, select ‘Deposits’ and fill in information, choose accounts you would like to be able to deposit in to and submit registration. We will then enable the account by the next business day.

RDA Self Registration

Check & Deposit Set Viewing
Allows user to view check and deposit images in the mobile app.

The user is able to click on image of check or deposit within the transaction list to view.

Check viewing1

Select Landing Page
End users can now select their landing page on the app via a new Preferences menu. The Preferences menu can be accessed by opening the fly-out menu.

The default setting is to land on Accounts
-If the end user selects a page that later becomes unavailable due to temporary disruptions, the user’s landing page is retained, however the app will default to the Accounts page during that time.
-The landing page preference is device-specific, and must be set on each device should the user have the app downloaded on more than one device.

Change Account Display Order
End users can now reorder their accounts with a new drag-and-drop feature.

-The reorder option is only available in the Accounts main menu of the app.
-Accounts can only be reordered with their respective account grouping (Deposits, Loan, Other).
-Account ordering is device-specific, and must be set on each device should the user have the app downloaded on more than one device.

Change Password (end-user initiated)
End users can now change their password via the Preferences menu. The Preferences menu is accessed by opening the fly-out menu.

-Uses existing change password flow as Online Banking.
-Passwords changed in the app will carry over for access to Online Banking.